Robocam Jr.

A small-sized sewer crawler camera that can be used in 5” (125mm) diameter pipelines. Robocam Jr. uses RoboEye S, so it's compatible with RoboCrawler S.

The camera head is equipped with a RoboEye S which is compatible with the ROBOCAM S and is designed to be easily removed on the spot. 360 degrees of endless rotation and 250 degrees of tilt shooting are possible. It has a one-touch operation that enables the camera to position itself to the original position and to the front. ROBOCAM Jr. is small in size but because a heavy bronze material is used to form its body, it can travel farther than expected. In order to secure a strong driving force, Junior is equipped with a German Maxon motor. As with the standard ROBOCAM S, it has the same tilt sensor and various data communication functions that can monitor the crawlers' current status like temperature, humidity, and pressure and prevent any flip over in real-time. The wheels come in three different sizes to cope with various diameters of the sewer.

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