robocam s add ons

Best sewer pipe inspection crawler system Add-ons.

Transform Your CRALERS At Will

The very first sewer inspection camera crawler system in the world can be customized into various shapes and sizes.

The creative crawler transformation-expansion module allows the users to configure the crawler
into various shapes like a car, a ship, or even a tank.

Moreover, the Junior version of ROBOCAM S can be used in a pipeline of ⌀ 5″(125mm),
supporting the needs of our clients who wish to inspect smaller pipelines.

Robocam S Add-ons

Pipe Inspection Crawler

Robocam Jr.

A small sized pipe inspection crawler that can be

used in a  5” (125mm) diameter pipeline.

Robocam Jr. uses RoboEye S,  so it’s compatible with RoboCrawler S.

Pipe Inspection Crawler

Zoom Camera

This optical lens can zoom 10 times.

Also it is equipped with a laser measurement function which can measure

the length of any defects (like a crack) it finds during the inspection. This camera is easier to use,

and the pictures have better details than the standard version of RoboEye S. 

Pipe Inspection Crawler

Rear Camera

A color video pipe crawler camera with a single LED unit

which allows the users to see the view behind the crawler

while inspecting the insides of the pipelines

Pipe Inspection Crawler

Spherical Cell Extension Kit

Designed to expand the robot infinitely by connecting the pole bars

to ball-shaped connectors.

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Pipe Inspection Crawler

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