The development of Robocam S

The development of Robocam S.



Robocam America Inc. developed a mass-production version of the Robocam AI, the initial concept version of ROBOCAM S that was announced in 2018. “ROBOCAM S,” is a portable sewer camera system that was developed under the basic model of the Robocam AI. It has the best design, state-of-the-art sensor technology, and convenient user oriented system.


The new product will be launched simultaneously in North America, Europe, Japan and China in the first half of 2021. The biggest feature of the RoboCam S is that it allows consumers to simply self-repair the product, by not visiting the repair center.


Just like LEGO blocks, users can even change the shape and size of this robot to fit their needs. It can also automatically measure the slope and diameter of the tube, by using an IR sensor.




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