Establishment of SG Robotics, as a global robot brand
SGR establishment ceremony

TAP Electronics and Japan’s Shonan Gousei Plastic MFG established a joint venture in Tokyo, Japan on July 12, 2023 and decided to name it Shonan Gousei Robotics (SGR).

As a result, TAP Electronics collaborated with Shonan Group on much of the existing Sewer CCTV Robotics technology, and both agreed to develop SG Robotics (SGR) as a global brand.

2023 Tokyo Sewer Exhibition SGR

2023 Tokyo Sewer Exhibition SGR

SGR first decided to exhibit its first product, the Sewer Robot System <SGR – model 5> as an SGR brand, at the IAFT International Environmental Exhibition in Germany in May and the Tokyo Sewerage Exhibition in Japan in August, and to supply Hot-tapping water pipeline inspection solution and smart cleaning solutions to the Japanese and global markets decided to supply. SGR’s official website is


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